TBSP is all about reuse. That’s why we’re trying to source some of our equipment from other bakeries or retail spaces which have closed or are upgrading their equipment. Below is a list of some of the equipment we are seeking. If you have access to any of these items, please contact Chef Phil, TBSP Manager.


3 compartment sink hot dog bun pan
baguette tins ice bin, showroom
baking rings, set ice machine
bench scraper kitchenade mixers
bowls, set ladles, assorted
Bread slicer liner paper, box
bread tins madeline pan
cake decorating bases measuring cups, dry
cake pans, mini, non-stick measuring cups, liquid
cake pans, round Mobile Proof Box
cake pans, square muffin pan, non-stick
can opener Pastry Sheeter
cheese cake pans Planetary Mixer 30-40 qt.
cheese grater quarter sheet trays
Combi/std oven robot coupe
cookie shapes sauce pans
cooling racks, 60 x 18 saute pans
cutting boards scales, digital
dish racks sheet trays
Dish washer silpat
Donut Depositor Sink table for dishwasher
Donut Fryer 18×26 spatulas
Donut Glazer/icer speed racks, mobile
Dough divider/rounder (manual) spice grinder
drink fridge spoons, long handled
drying table for dishwasher spoons, slotted
equipment stands storage rack for cutting boards
espresso machine storage racks, mobile
fire extinguishers strainers
flour bins sugar bins
flour sifters tart molds
fry baskets tart pans
fry skimmers tongs
Fryer Filter utensil racks w/hooks
gallon measuring cups whisks
garbage cans wooden counter tops
garbage disposal wooden rolling pins
half gallon measuring cups work tables
half sheet trays