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Become a Tenant Baker

Not interested in becoming a Baker-in-Residence, but want to sell your pastries at TBSP? The Tenant Baker position works with experienced bakers to advertise their product to the South Hills. In a partnership with TBSP, bakers provide a well-conceptualized product to be sold, receiving a percentage of the profit. Tenant Bakers are given access to the TBSP space and equipment throughout the partnership.


Individuals interested in becoming Tenant Bakers should have at least several years of experience selling a unique baked good. These bakers should also have the ability to commit to preparing their goods to be sold on a consistent basis. Please note the individuals will be selected as a result of their product fulfilling a need of The Bakery Society Pittsburgh.


Tenant Bakers make a percentage of the profit made from their baked goods. And with a fee, Tenant Bakers have access to the programmatic resources of The Bakery Society Pittsburgh.

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Interested in participating? Please direct additional questions to