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Incubation Program

Become a Baker-In-Residence

Ready to begin your baking career? The flagship program of The Bakery Society Pittsburgh, Bakers-in-Residence undergo an intensive eighteen month incubation period to refine not only their technical skills but holistically develop themselves as leaders in the culinary field. With guidance of TBSP staff and partners, these full-time bakers receive on-going training in the marketing and financial skills necessary to create their own businesses throughout the region.


As a full-time position, individuals selected as Bakers-in-Residence are expected to devote 40 hours a week to the program itself. Throughout the program, bakers also may decide to allocate additional hours to take advantage of additional opportunities.  

Selected Bakers-in-Residence, too, are asked to contribute a novel concept to The Bakery Society Pittsburgh which demonstrates a passion for their work. While not focusing fully on this one product, this item will begin the formation of the baker’s identity and distinguish the baker from others in the region.

Please note that Bakers-in-Residence must be over the age of eighteen as well as ServSafe certified by time of application.


Through their incubation, the Bakers-in-Residence enter a revenue sharing agreement with the Bakery Society Pittsburgh. Bakers will receive 70% of all gross profit made from the sale of their goods. An additional 5% will be placed in a savings account for the explicit purpose of continuing their efforts after the completion of the program. The remaining 25% will be given back to TBSP to assist in covering the cost of operation. Bakers-in-Residence should expect to make a competitive salary compared to other bakers in the region.

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Interested in participating? Application may be submitted through the online application below. Please direct additional questions to