Become a Baker

Ways to Engage with TBSP

[ if you wanna be my loafer, you gotta get with my breads ]


Baker-in-Residence Tenant Baker Community Baker
Full-Time Commitment X
Part-Time Commitment X
Paid X X
Availability to Take Business Development Classes X X X
Availability to Take Baking Classes X X
Take Product to Sell Outside TBSP X
Professional Experience Encouraged (Not Required) X X


Ready to begin your baking career? The flagship program of The Bakery Society Pittsburgh, Bakers-in-Residence undergo an intensive eighteen month incubation period to refine not only their technical skills but holistically develop themselves as leaders in the culinary field. With guidance of TBSP staff and partners, these full-time bakers receive on-going training in the marketing and financial skills necessary to create their own businesses throughout the region.

Tenant Baker

Not interested in becoming a Baker-in-Residence, but want to sell your pastries at TBSP? The Tenant Baker position works with experienced bakers to advertise their product to the South Hills. In a partnership with TBSP, bakers provide a well-conceptualized product to be sold, receiving a percentage of profit. Tenant Bakers are given access to the TBSP space and equipment throughout the partnership.

Community Baker

Just need a space to prepare your baked goods? Consider becoming a Community Baker! Whether baking for one hundred or one thousand, Community Bakers have access to the TBSP space and equipment. And with additional staff support, these bakers also receive assistance in improving their technical skills. For some, the Community Baker position may serve as a step towards the Baker-in-Residence position. For others, it may simply serve as the beginning of a lasting partnership with TBSP.