About TBSP

Sam Cobbett

[ TBSP Baker-In-Residence, Cohort 01 ]

Sam Cobbett is a baker who has worked in Pittsburgh for the last 8 years. He grew up in the South Hills and moved to the city in 2010 to pursue a career in baking. Sam grew up in a family that cherished their weekend trips to local bakeries and he hopes to recreate that excitement for TBSP patrons. He has worked in many of Pittsburgh’s most notable bakeries, last working at Five Points Artisan Bakeshop in Squirrel Hill before coming to TBSP in 2018. His time at Five Points, where he learned a skill set based in European style bread and pastries was crucial in his development as a baker. Sam lives in Lawrenceville with his girlfriend Katey and is hoping to adopt a puppy in the coming months.


How/why did you get into baking?

I got into baking while working in a bakery during college. After I decided to leave college I found an apprenticeship at a local dessert shop and realized that it was the career for me.


What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Anything that transforms in the oven; Pate a choux, laminate doughs, breads.


What’s your favorite ingredient? Why?

My favorite Ingredient is butter. Good quality butter. I feel like there is no explanation necessary.


Sweet or Savory? Why?

Sweet. I love savory foods but sweets remind me of being a kid and my grandparents letting me pick what doughnut I wanted from the case of whichever bakery we decided to visit that weekend.


What neighborhood do you live in?



What hobbies do you have?

Pinball, gardening, board games, drawing, petting dogs, collecting cookbooks


What’s your favorite Pittsburgh eatery?



What are your aspirations after TBSP?

I hope to start my own neighborhood bakery somewhere in Pittsburgh. I also enjoy helping my farmer friend out with his fields and hope to collaborate with him and other local farmers in the future.


Favorite 90’s band?



Favorite 90’s song?