About TBSP

Jewel Edwards

[ TBSP Baker-In-Residence, Cohort 01 ]

Jewel A. Edwards, born and raised in Pittsburgh, is a graduate of Peabody High School. Taking the knowledge she gained from her mother and grandmother, and after taking many food related courses during her studies in high school, (where she developed her passion of baking and cooking), pursued a Pastry Arts degree almost immediately after graduation. She then went on to attend and graduate in 2001 from the International Culinary Academy in Pittsburgh. Her professional experience includes stints in fine dining, retail baking, and healthcare food services.


How/why did you get into baking?

I decided to get into baking after making a childhood favorite, rice krispie treats, with my mom. The smells of the marshmallow and butter got me. PBS was also my buddy growing up. Watching Julia Child and the Frugal Gourmet was the best. My younger brother, younger sister, and myself would emulate them, not knowing that one day, I would be baking and doing some of the same things I saw on the programs. Home economics classes in middle school also fueled my interest. I would say my mom and Julia Child are instrumental in my wanting to bake as a career.


What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Red Velvet cupcakes. I love the deep red and white combo of the cake and frosting.


What’s your favorite ingredient? Why?

Butter. It makes everything taste better. Whether its a store brand or European.


Sweet or Savory? Why?

I love sweet. It makes life a little better. I think there are better memories of sweet things. Nostalgic elements associated with sweets.


What neighborhood do you live in?

Downtown Pittsburgh


What hobbies do you have?

Writing short stories, walking in the American Heart Association Heart Walk, in memory of my sister and Dad, eating good food, retail therapy, cooking.


What’s your favorite Pittsburgh eatery?

My favorite place to eat in Pittsburgh has to be The Original Hot Dog Shop in Oakland. I love the fries. I always eat them with gravy, ketchup, and cheese.


What are your aspirations after TBSP?

To open my long dreamed about bakery lounge, with an event space for small events, demos, and small bites.


Favorite 90’s band?



Favorite 90’s song?