About TBSP

Christopher Hoffman

[ TBSP Baker-In-Residence, Cohort 01 ]

Christopher Hoffman had always been a serious home cook, developing his interest in baking slowly, and while having a busy music career that spanned 3 decades. Always working in proximity to fine food at the San Diego resorts in which Hoffman performed, his tastes would soon outrun his pocket book, so he learned to cook.


How/why did you get into baking?

While working as a musical director in Las Vegas shows, Christopher stumbled across Chad Robertson’s Tartine Bread, and learned the Tartine method of hand crafted, naturally leavened bread, known broadly in there US as sourdough.


What’s your favorite thing to bake?

Hoffman was immediately hooked by the first few loaves that he produced. It was as if he was tasting “real” bread for the first time.


What’s your favorite ingredient? Why?



Sweet or Savory? Why?

Christopher’s baking and cooking passion leans more in the direction of savory, rather than sweet, with an attention to balancing complex and layered shadings.


What neighborhood do you live in?

Hoffman currently resides in the Beechview community of Pittsburgh.


What hobbies do you have?

Christopher still enjoys performing and producing music in his well-equipped music studio. He plays keyboards every Sunday at the Mt Calvary Baptist Church in Wilkinsburg, services at 11 AM.


What’s your favorite Pittsburgh eatery?

One of Hoffman’s favorite eateries is the downtown Mexican restaurant, “Bakersfield”. Many years on the West coast imbedded a love for Southwest and Mexican cuisine. “It’s hard to find really good Mexican food . . .”


What are your aspirations after TBSP?

After the TBSP incubator, Christopher hopes to embrace and combine his musical past with his passion for fine food and baked goods to open a music and arts themed bakery and cafe somewhere in the Pittsburgh area.


Favorite 90’s band?

Due to his former career, Hoffman finds it impossible to name a favorite band or song, much like a parent picking her favorite child. But there is scarcely a group or song in the top 40 that Hoffman hasn’t performed at some point. His tastes range from Michael Brecker to Michael Jackson, and from Ricki Lee Jones to Quincy Jones.


Favorite 90’s song?